We see a world where computing helps solve tomorrow’s problems – where we use our knowledge and skills to advance the profession and make a positive impact. ACM, the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources. ACM NITK plans and organizes a wide range of events that include technical workshops, guest lectures, online events and various other competitions at NITK, throughout the year.


The computer science interest group is one of the broadest categories of work at NITK ACM with projects in widespread fields including but not limited to Computer Vision, Software Development, Machine Learning and Big Data.


Vidyut is a special interest group of ACM-NITK Student Chapter interested in the broad area of Electronics Engineering.Dealing with Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the purview of Vidyut ranges from Robotics to Power Electronics to Signal Processing to Machine Learning.


Yantrika is a special interest group of ACM-NITK student chapter dedicated to engineering applications in the field of Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and Material Science. The SIG serves as a platform for those interested in shaping their ideas to reality be it in the area of aerospace engineering, robotics, automobile engineering, bio-chemical engineering, structures and materials.


Kaaryavarta is a special interest group (SIG) of the ACM-NITK Student Chapter. Its members are people who are passionate about business, finance, and marketing. It has a collaboration with a few startups and regularly holds Knowledge Exchange Programs (KEPs) for sharing of information between members. It also serves as a platform for taking forth new business ideas and out of the box marketing strategies.


Saahitya, the literary Special Interest Group (SIG) under ACM-NITK student chapter, has strived to provide a platform for the literary-oriented and creative minds within the ACM student community and beyond, with the NITK institute. To this end, Saahithya also aims to acquaint students with the in’s and out’s of college life through Cache, and aims to grow on several fronts through the subsequent years.

media and publicity

True to the name, we're a group of media and publicity experts who work towards generating content relevant to the objectives of the club, represent and reflect the club's activities through its various social media handles, and making sure we stay on top of publicity so as to reach out to the crowd for our various and varied events.

Srijit Sen


Sunitha Selvan


Nishanth Subramanian

Web Master

  • LinkedIn “Rock Your Profile” Workshop

    As part of our industry connect, the workshop titled “Rock Your Profile” was held by two LinkedIn employees(recruiters). It focused on building one’s profile from scratch and how recruiters search for profiles given a certain requirement. The hosts showed us the importance of having a good profile picture and what goes into a great summary.They showed us how to change certain aspects of our profiles to stand out amongst the crowd, such as using keywords in the right sections and building a “complete” profile. They also demonstrated other powerful LinkedIn tools such as the alumni networking tool.

  • Summer Mentorship Programme

    The Summer Mentorship Programme by NITK ACM Student Chapter aims at introducing the first year students of NITK to certain key areas in their respective engineering streams through mini-courses during the summer vacations. The program also aims at fostering inter batch interaction in the college - a means for the juniors to get to know their seniors and vice versa. This past summer, a total of 16 courses were offered by 32 mentors in topics ranging from Machine Learning and Image Processing to Rocket Science and Stock Markets. The program witnessed a participation of over 150 students across different engineering disciplines. The programme was initiated a month prior to the summer vacations with the mentors organizing talk sessions and workshops, thereby setting the tone for their respective courses. Over the duration of summer, the students gained practical knowledge of subjects through hands on experience with the mentors communicating via Skype and/or Google groups in a timely manner. The mentors shared useful resources and also provided their mentees with assignments to enrich their grasp on the course.

  • Workshop Week 2017 Sanganitra

    Sanganitra conducted workshops on Machine Learning, Security and Networking. The Machine Learning Workshop gave a brief overview of Artificial Intelligence and enumerated the differences between machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. In order the engage students, popular frameworks and real life examples of deep learning in computer vision were also given, along with links to papers and other resources for further perusal. The Security Workshop started off with an introduction to data security and enlisted possible ways to breach existing systems using ethical hacking tools. The Networking Workshop gave a brief introduction into the various layers of communication and elaborated the functionalities of each.

  • Workshop Week 2017 Vidyut

    Vidyut held an Image Processing Workshop using Matlab for the students. It gave students a glimpse into image processing, starting off with the basics and moving onto commands on Matlab that can be used for Image Processing. These include commands for pixel wise transformations on images as well as simple edge detection and segmentation.

  • Workshop Week 2017 Yantrika

    Yantrika had 3 workshops during Workshop Week ‘17. These were Introduction to Robotics, Ansys and Guns. The Ansys Workshop was a 2 hour session that covered the basics of ANSYS- fluent, geometry, meshing, setup, solution and result modules through analysis of fluid flow over cylinder. It was an interactive session whereby the participants were able to do analysis alongside the mentors. The Guns Workshop was designed to pique interest in students about the design and working of guns, along with some comparisons between different guns.

  • Workshop Week 2017 Karyavarta

    Karyavata conducted a Workshop on Equity Management wherein financials of business and investment in equities was extensively covered. This was welcomed by even absolute beginners as it explored equity, debt and cash - flow statements through the use of a beach cocktail lounge business. It also briefed concepts such as future earnings modelling.

  • Knapsack

    NITK ACM’s flagship event for all the programmers. On 21st Jan 2017, we conducted the most awaited day long Online Programming Contest on HackerRank. ACM Knapsack gave the fresher year students an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Competitive Programming and a chance to win plenty of goodies. The contest was kept open to all. First years were also eligible for special prizes.

  • Perspectives

    Perspectives was a talk session where accomplished final years of NITK talked about their experiences and journey in different fields. Every year, Perspectives helps students of NITK to get an insight into how to apply for prestigious internships and universities and ace exams like CAT, GRE and GATE. It was a 3 hour long session with more than 200 students who attended to listen and interact with the speakers. By the end of this session, students were clear about different opportunities in various fields, application procedures and other necessary information required to pursue their interests.

  • Apprentice

    Apprentice is a B-plan and marketing competition organized by the members of the ACM-NITK chapter. It consists of three rounds:

    Group Discussions Round - All the participants first go through a set of group discussions to select those candidates with above average communication skills.

    Personal Interview Round - The selected candidates from round 1 are each put through an interview to test their passion for business, finance or marketing and to test their business acumen.

    B - Plan Round - The selected candidates from round 2 are put into groups of five and assigned mentors to produce a B-plan on a field allotted to them (such as transport, energy, entertainment, etc.). A set of judges are called and the team with the best B-plan wins. Certificates were awarded.

  • Shiksha

    Shiksha is the computer literacy awareness program conducted by ACM. Under this banner ,volunteers from ACM NITK student chapter teach 8th and 9th standard students of KREC Kannada medium high school the basics of computer science at central computer center every Saturday. A mentor is assigned to teach a group students concepts like Word, Basics of Excel and PowerPoint, Google search, Maps, Translate, using Wikipedia to get information, parts of computers, input output devices and assign them simple tasks so that they can implement these concepts practically. In today’s world,where everything is going digital this initiative will be helpful for these kids who don’t have access to computers.

  • Vidyarthi

    Vidyarthi is a social initiative organized by ACM and as a part of this program every Saturday, students from college teach spoken English and reading skills to 10th graders at NITK Kannada medium high school. These students who are about to write the board examination can manage science and math on their own find English as the hardest paper due to lack of practice.Basic grammar like Prepositions, Tenses, Active and Passive Voice etc are explained in both English and Kannada, so that their English speaking skills improve over time. Seeing their faces light up after understanding concepts and their enthusiasm to constantly learn more makes our day. They are smart kids,eager to learn and vidyarthi gives them an important leg up in their exam preparations.