What is Sanganitra?

Sanganitra is the computer science oriented special interest group of ACM NITK Chapter.

What do we do at Sanganitra?

We are a bunch of people from different walks of life united by a single goal, to code, and to code well. Split into five sub interest groups Competitive Programming, Development, Systems, Machine Learning and Theoretical CS, we carry out lively discussions year around on the various developments and complications in the aforementioned fields. We believe that code can do miracles and our projects are a testament to this fact. We also host code oriented events throughout the year and try to establish a platform to bring the best out of the coder in everyone.

Our vision

To ensure that the development of computing technology paves the path for a brighter future

Our mission

To Probe, Promote and Propagate knowledge in computer science and work towards overcoming the challenges of the 21st century