What is Vidyut?

Vidyut is a special interest group of ACM-NITK Student Chapter interested in the broad area of Electronics Engineering. Dealing with Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the purview of Vidyut ranges from Robotics to Power Electronics to Signal Processing to Machine Learning.

What do we do at Vidyut?

We, at Vidyut, are wholeheartedly devoted to applying the principles of engineering in electrical and electronics systems. Designing and building circuits from scratch, whether it be analog or digital, is a hobby for most of us. We train our minds to search, simulate and solve real world problems and delve deeper into the mysteries of processing signals all around us. We encourage and indulge in learning through experience by organising events like Hardwired and regular Knowledge Exchange Programs (KEPs).

Our vision

To further the development of electrical, electronics and communication engineering and to nurture and share new ideas that can positively impact society and academia

Our mission

To ensure peer mentorship in the form of discussions and projects, and to work towards the development of the associated fields